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Bryan Rawlings, Sculptor.
Bryan Rawlings, Sculptor.
Bryan Rawlings' interest in heraldry dates back to a project that was set for his class in primary school: to design a coat of arms.
The project grabbed his imagination and his coat of arms was put up on the wall in the school hall.

Another passion that blossomed at an early age was Bryan Rawlings' talent at art. He made it his goal to go to Art College, and was accepted by Somerset College of Art for a one-year foundation course, after which he was accepted by Stoke on Trent College of Art for a three-year degree course. He graduated with a first class honours degree in sculpture.

After a short period teaching art at Eltham College in London, Bryan Rawlings had the opportunity to combine his fascination with heraldry with his artistic talent, working for a company that made coats of arms as a branch of a general signmaking business.

Initially he worked painting coats of arms, but soon he started doing the heraldic and commercial sculpture work for the company. Previously they had been using free-lance sculptors, but they were so impressed with Bryan's natural talent at heraldic sculpture, and sculptural signage, that soon he was doing all of their sculpture work.

Later, with the agreement of his employers, Bryan Rawlings set up his own company specialising in heraldic sculpture and other forms of commercial sculpture work. For a number of years he teamed up with a large GRP manufacturer, and they formed a limited company together.

During that period he gained a huge amount of experience in mould making and GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) technology, as well as resin casting and silicone rubber moulding.

Then, in 1983, Bryan set up Bryan Rawlings Design, specialising in sculptural coats of arms, crests, military badges, emblems and commercial trademarks and logos. Bryan has built up an impressive reputation as a leading heraldic sculptor.

Bryan Rawlings' royal coats of arms are the choice for most new British courts, not just because of the stylish sculptural interpretation, the fine detail of the modelling, and the meticulous painting, but also because of the impressive range of sizes and styles available from his stock moulds.
Bryan Rawlings with prototype Booster Blades
Booster Blades are one of Bryan Rawlings' award-winning ideas. They are a revolutionary in-line skate, where the skate boot is mounted on a hinged frame.

When the foot is lifted, the wheels move closer together; when the foot is pushed down again they move apart and a drive belt turns the back wheel.

As the foot is lifted again, the wheels move together once more and the drive belt re-winds ready for the next stroke. In this way, the up and down pedalling motion propels the rider forwards, building up fast speeds with little effort.

Booster Blades have won multiple awards from the British Inventors Society, and the Salon International Des Inventions De Genève Silver Medal Award 2007.

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Pair of Booster Blades
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